except in a sentence

All except Vivek have taken the test.

All except Sahil were present in the class.

He knows nothing except fighting.

Every student except Anil was present.

Nothing is permanent except change.

No one can make you happy except you yourself.

All except him were present.

Don’t discuss all this with anyone except us.

I like all fruit except bananas.

He carried his toy with him where ever he went except to the school.

I didn’t want you talking to anyone except me.

Forget everything else except this.

I can’t speak a word of any language except my own.

All except me were absent in the class.

Nobody except me objected to the proposal.

Everyone except me passed the examination.

He did everything except gamble.

Nobody accepted the offer except him.

All the boys were present in the class except him.

I get up early every day except Sunday.

I have no other property except this house.

All except me went to see the movie.

No one can do this work except you.

He does nothing except complain.

I have no problem, except that you should behave properly.

This dog does nothing except bark.

This house is Ok except for its ventilation.

My shop is open every day except Monday.

He had no choice except to get married.

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