Example in a Sentence

I am glad that you have arrived in time.

Please take care of this article.

The teacher set us an example.

He has set a great example of bravery and courage.

You set a good example.

Example is better than precept.

I am not right in following their example.

He is to follow her example.

This is not an example to be followed.

He died a brilliant death, leaving an example to the world.

I am right in not following their example.

The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful example of seventeenth century craftsmanship.

She is a living example of love and sacrifice.

I shall set a noble example before others.

His life becomes an example before others.

They should set an example in their own case.

He is an example of simple living and high thinking.

He is a shining example of a person with a positive attitude to life.

You shouldn’t behave so badly in fact you should set an example for others.

I shall help you in every way I can both by example and encouragement.

He teaches them both by example and by precept.

This building is a fine example of architect.

By his good manners he sets an example for other students.

He cited an example to prove his point.

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