enrich in a sentence

Festivals enrich life, remove monotony and bring people together.

He can enrich his mind.

Books enrich our mind with knowledge.

I read the newspaper regularly to enrich my language, knowledge and thought.

Books enrich our mind with knowledge and satisfy our thirst for intellectual and spiritual knowledge.

An engineer can enrich his knowledge by looking at the engineering feats at different places.

You cannot enrich the poor by impoverishing the rich.

Farmers enrich the soil with manure.

Youth can enrich politics with new ideas.

We can enrich ourselves by listening to the scholars.

Idioms enrich our lexicon.

Many youngsters have desire to enrich their store of information and knowledge.

Let us enrich our lives with humour.

He is loaded with the power to enrich the dance tradition.

Trees enrich the soil by recycling the nutrients through the shedding of leaves and seeds.

They displayed various methods to enrich the overall personality of a child.

Enrich the soil in the garden on a regular basis.

Enrich Your Knowledge.

Enrich garden soil with organic matter like compost or manure.

Consumption of salad on an everyday basis will enrich you with several nutritious benefits.

Good manners enrich the overall personality of an individual.

Books enrich our mind with knowledge.

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