enjoyed in a sentence

I enjoyed my stay with my friends.

Our ancestors enjoyed that ‘happiness’ which we today fail to find.

Kids enjoyed kite flying in the company of their fathers.

The Mughal rulers enjoyed drinking openly with their nobles.

I enjoyed a nap for some time.

I hope you enjoyed your stay here.

They enjoyed a happy and contented married life.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the picnic.

We went for a picnic and enjoyed ourselves very much.

I enjoyed your lunch so much.

The guests enjoyed his hospitality.

We enjoyed our journey down the descent.

We enjoyed ourselves during holidays.

We enjoyed a trip to the historical buildings.

I have always enjoyed flying.

We enjoyed ourselves during the summer vacation.

We enjoyed ourselves at the New Year Party.

I really enjoyed being with you.

I have really enjoyed my stay here.

I enjoyed a lot today.

I enjoyed the party yesterday.

I enjoyed talking to him very much.

I have really enjoyed working with you.

We enjoyed ourselves fully in Shimla.

We enjoyed ourselves very much.

He enjoyed popularity with masses.

They enjoyed playing cricket.

We have enjoyed the holidays.

It being a fine day we enjoyed an outing.

I enjoyed myself during the holidays.

I enjoyed it to the full.

We enjoyed the dance.

He enjoyed a great popularity.

We enjoyed ourselves during the holidays.

I enjoyed the food with full relish.

I enjoyed my whole vacation very nicely.

I enjoyed the dinner he gave me.

I enjoyed his joke.

I enjoyed the visit a lot.

He never enjoyed peace of mind.

We enjoyed our holiday to the full.

She enjoyed her work and inspired many to join her.

We enjoyed the shower-bath.

All these places are very beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

We enjoyed a lot in their company.

We enjoyed the natural scenes.

We enjoyed peace in the lap of nature.

Everybody enjoyed the picnic in a happy way.

We enjoyed the picnic whole heartedly.

He enjoyed good health.

I enjoyed the match very much.

He enjoyed food very much.

I really enjoyed the film.

Women enjoyed a high status during early Vedic times.

In earlier times, the older members of the family enjoyed great respect.

The girls performed a sprightly dance which everyone enjoyed.

He enjoyed the picnic.

We enjoyed the wayside scenes full of natural beauty.

I have really enjoyed my stay with them.

He enjoyed a sound sleep.

I had a very good time and enjoyed myself greatly.

I greatly enjoyed this match.

I enjoyed the visit greatly in his company.

I greatly enjoyed my visit to that museum.

We enjoyed ourselves during the holidays

They had enjoyed at the party.

We enjoyed the picnic last week.

In India she enjoyed honour and respect in ancient times.

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