endure in a sentence

I cannot endure such cold weather.

Trees give shade for the benefit of others, while they themselves stand in the sun and endure the scorching heat.

We must endure what we cannot cure.

Don’t endure this.

It requires strength to endure.

He has immense capacity to endure hardships.

The soldiers deployed on the glacier endure the worst weather conditions throughout the year.

This will help us to endure life’s challenges.

He had to endure many hardships before he became successful.

Unable to endure backache he hung himself to death.

I’ll pray to God to give you enough strength to endure them.

It is beyond flesh and blood to endure such a thing.

One must endure what one can’t cure.

They could not endure the strain.

You must endure what you cannot cure.

I cannot endure separation from her.

I cannot endure such cold weather.

He could not endure fatigue of his long journey.

Parting is always very painful but one has to endure it.

One must endure what cannot be cured.

We must endure what we cannot cure.

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