economy in a Sentence

He lectured mainly on the economy.

After the war it takes a lot time to put the economy on an even keel.

Economy in the public service is the order of the day.

Indian economy is growing fast.

My new scheme is an adventure in the country’s economy.

It is very difficult to undertake this project without imperilling the economy of the firm.

All this improves the overall economy of the people and the country.

What was the state of the economy of Japan at the end of the Second World War?

Our country is said to be progressing by leaps and bounds in the matter of economy.

Agriculture is the most important sector in our economy.

Effective steps must be taken to check rise in prices and to maintain a stable economy.

All of us must practise economy now.

Our economy has been stagnant this year.

Agriculture is the pivot of our economy.

The government should maintain a stable economy.

It has put tremendous strain on our developing economy.

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