economical in a sentence

It is good to have an economical way of life.

Women are more economical than men.

Homemade bone broth is economical and easy to make.

It is more effective and economical too!

It is cheap and economical!

Most women prefer to do a home pregnancy test, which is easier and economical.

Waxing is economical and can be done at home.

Celebrate Diwali in an economical and ecofriendly manner.

The treatment is affordable and economical.

Mahatma Gandhi was well-known for his thoughtful and economical manner of speech.

We should be economical in use of unnecessary words.

Rainwater harvesting is a simple, economical and ecofriendly technique.

He had to face many economical and social problems in life.

It is wise to be economical.

My wife is more economical than many other ladies in our area.

My husband is more economical than any man I know.

He is very economical in spending the money .

It is cheap, economical and efficient.

I shall try to be economical.

He is quite economical in his spending.

My wife is not economical.

It is good to remain economical in words.

E-mail is now the most economical means of communication.

She is a very economical manager of the house.

My economical condition is not good.

This system is very economical.

This system is very economical.

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