eagerly in a sentence

Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the monsoon.

He eagerly waited for the result.

The summer is so hot that people eagerly wait for the monsoon.

There are several youth who are eagerly waiting to cast their first vote.

I love the monsoons and eagerly await it every year.

We are eagerly waiting for you.

We are eagerly waiting for your safe return.

This is the time for which I eagerly wait for.

Before the advent of the internet or computers, we wrote letters by hand and waited eagerly for the postman to deliver one.

We all are waiting for you eagerly.

I am eagerly waiting for your arrival.

We eagerly wait for her to reveal her thoughts.

One of the most eagerly awaited events in our school is the annual day.

We are eagerly waiting for some respite from the prolonged heat wave.

Automobile fans are eagerly awaiting Ferrari’s launch in India.

I am eagerly looking forward to your arrival.

We welcome this announcement which was being eagerly awaited for years.

We have been eagerly awaiting this news for more than three years.

I wish eagerly to be in your company.

I am eagerly waiting for your visit.

I am waiting eagerly for your mail.

I am waiting eagerly for you.

A rainy day in summer is eagerly awaited by all and sundry.

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