drowned in a sentence

The swimmer fell into deep water and was drowned.

He drowned because he could not keep his head above the waves.

He was drowned in this river.

He could not be saved and was drowned.

He slipped into deep water of the rivulet and drowned.

He got swept away by the currents and drowned.

They jumped into the river to save their friend but all of them drowned.

He entered the pond to take a dip but drowned.

He went deep inside the water and got drowned.

He was drowned while he was swimming in the canal.

He lost balance and drowned in the heavy flow of water in the canal.

Within no time, they drowned.

He slipped into the reservoir and drowned.

As he went into the canal, he suddenly drowned.

He decided to cross the dam lake, but drowned in deep waters.

He fell into the water and drowned.

He slipped into the deep waters while bathing and drowned.

They were drowned in the sea.

She fell in the water and drowned.

He was drowned in the river.

She was drowned in the lake.

But for your help I should have been drowned.

The ship sank and the sailors were drowned.

But for your help, he would have been drowned.

Many persons drowned in this river last year.

Many a man was drowned in the river.

He drowned because he did not know how to swim.

But for your help, she would have drowned.

He jumped into the well and got drowned.

His voice was drowned by the shouts from the crowd.

The ship was drowned.

The standing crops were drowned in water.

The ship was drowned into the sea.

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