drought in a sentence

This state is facing a meteorological drought.

Trees prevent drought and cause rainfall.

The entire state is reeling under severe drought.

Planting drought resistant plants is a better way to save water.

The drought ruined the crops.

This state suffers from drought each year.

We apprised the higher authority of the drought situation.

There is drought in that region.

Floods and drought are not new to this state.

The situation of drought is very grim and the government is sparing no effort.

This state is in the grip of drought.

These days we are facing a drought– like situation due to deficient monsoon.

These states are affected by drought.

Due to scanty rain whole of the district is in the grip of drought.

Our government is serving food to drought affected people.

We are suffering from severe drought and water scarcity for the last many years.

Agricultural land has become parched and dry due to drought.

There was a serious drought in many parts of the country this year.

The drought has caused a great harm to the crops.

The crops failed owing to drought.

There is drought and so the crop is short.

During drought the cattle perished with starvation.

Owing to the want of rains, there occurred a drought.

The present drought has put the farmers at the verge of rank and ruin.

The drought caused a famine in eastern part of the country.

Owing to drought the crop failed.

Whenever there is no rain, they face the problem of drought.

This was due to a severe drought.

If it does not rain in time, there is failure of crops and drought.

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