distant in a sentence

He is a distant relative of mine.

He hails from a distant land.

That place is very distant from here.

He is a distant relative of me.

Is affordable housing a distant dream?

Rainwater harvesting is still a distant dream.

He is a distant relative of me.

Myopia can cause difficulty in seeing distant objects.

If a married couple does not talk, then they start becoming distant from each other.

Are you often distant?

If we do not learn from failure, victory will only remain to be a distant dream.

He married his distant cousin.

We are emotionally distant.

She is a distant relative of mine.

Myopia or near-sightedness is an ailment of our eyes that disrupts the distant vision.

Today the press brings news from the distant corners of the world.

Computer networks can be used for co-ordinating things at distant places.

Synonyms of Distant

remote, far, obscure, isolated, aloof, removed, far-away, offish, solitary, cut off

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