discipline in a sentence

Soldiers must obey their officers because an army is of no use without discipline.

We should discipline ourselves and discharge our duties.

There is no life without discipline.

We need discipline in many ways at many stages of our life.

Why is discipline necessary?

Discipline is the most important thing in everyone’s life.

Discipline enables a nation to march on the road of progress and prosperity.

Life without discipline is no life.

Lack of consistency is poor discipline.

Everyone has to remain in discipline on the road.

Discipline is the be-all and end of life.

It is good to practice discipline from the childhood.

Nature follows strict discipline.

No office can run without discipline.

Discipline plays an important role in every sphere of our life.

I like discipline and perfection.

Discipline is a very important part of life.

There can be no national unity without discipline.

No department or factory can run without discipline.

Discipline is very important in our daily life.

He loves discipline.

The teacher urged the students to maintain discipline.

Discipline seems to be at a low ebb these days.

Discipline is too important to be ignored.

We must maintain discipline.

Discipline is the essence of a successful personality.

There is no discipline in this class.

We should abide by the discipline of our school.

Discipline is necessary in our homes.

A child needs discipline.

The word discipline comes from the word ‘disciple’.

You are liable to punishment for not keeping discipline.

Our teacher brought home to us the importance of discipline.

He is not amenable to any kind of discipline.

Life without discipline is no life.

The most desirable quality in armed forces is that of discipline.

We need discipline in the playground.

We should discipline ourselves and discharge our duties.

As a player, we need discipline in the playground.

Self-imposed discipline is better than forced one.

Many people have the wrong idea of discipline.

He keeps strict discipline in the class.

Our institutions should produce men of character and discipline.

He keeps the class in perfect discipline.

He keeps discipline in the school.

He is a man of discipline.

We should learn the value of hard work and discipline.

I know the value of discipline.

Lack of discipline is the root cause of the rising crime graph in the country.

The discipline in this school is very lax.

Life imposes a discipline on all things.

He looks after the discipline of the school.

People can progress only through discipline and hard work.

If you want to succeed you should know the value of discipline.

There should be discipline in the college.

Why the army insists so much on discipline ?

You must discipline yourself and value punctuality in your work.

If there is no discipline in life, there is anarchy.

People should believe in discipline and devotion to duty.

Self-discipline strengthens the will.

He can maintain proper discipline in the college.

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