disastrous in a sentence

Its methods are inhuman and its effects are disastrous2.

The recent cyclone has been disastrous to many crops.

The effects of deforestation are very serious and disastrous.

Irresponsible and biased attitude can prove to be disastrous for the society.

The problem before us is how to escape the disastrous consequences.

Any malfunction has a disastrous effect on man.

Any wrong step would prove disastrous for the party across the country.

If a child has not been taught to face failures, it may lead to disastrous consequences.

She tells a lie without thinking of the disastrous consequences.

Careless driving or the failure of the brakes can prove disastrous.

Failure to take effective measures to combat climate change at the global level could be disastrous for the mankind.

Sometimes the results of the beauty treatments can be disastrous.

Disastrous effects of climate change can be diluted only through a combined effort of all nations rather all individuals.

The recent cyclone has been disastrous to many crops.

Recklessness in speech can have disastrous results.

The opening of the team was disastrous.

Synonyms of Disastrous

destructive, adverse, catastrophic, unlucky, terrible, miserable, unfortunate, fatal, unpropitious, dreadful

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