direction in a sentence

Ambition gives direction to life.

Aim gives purpose and direction to life.

Books widen our outlook and give us a new direction in life.

The molecules of the magnet are aligned in the north-south direction.

Objectives are the direction in which we are supposed to act.

You have given my life a new direction.

A good mentor will guide and give direction, whereas a bad mentor will misguide you.

One who thinks in the negative direction is called a pessimist.

One who thinks in the positive direction is called an optimist.

We should have a definite purpose and direction in life.

This instrument told us the direction of the wind.

Give me direction how I am to proceed.

He has gone in that direction.

The school has made great progress under the direction of the new principal.

He has taken a step in the right direction.

He is moving in the right direction.

He directs them in right direction.

We have done a great deal in this direction.

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