did in a Sentence

How did the accident happen?

How far did she travel?

I did not help him.

How did you come by this watch ?

She did not sing a song.

The bank did not allow the overdraft.

In his diffculties, he did bear up.

We did not find the road very good.

We did not go to the picture last night.

When didyou pass my B.A.examination ?

He did not disclose his identity.

What kind of plane did you take?

What did they write?

What did you write?

What did he benefit from?

Where did you go?

How much did she write?

What store did you go to yesterday?

How did you go to India last month?

What did he promise?

When did you get it?

What time did you meet your friends today?

What did you say?

When did you return?

Why did they hope for that?

Why did they buy it?

What wicked things did he say.

Why did you do this?

They did nothing but weep.

No sooner did he see the monkey than he fled.

I did all that I could.

He did not treat me well.

We did not play football yesterday.

She did not listen to him.

He did not talk to me.

I did not recognise you.

They did not pay their fee last month.

He did not stay here.

Our volunteers did yeoman’s service during floods.

I did not harm you intentionally.

The teacher did not like the absurd remark of the student.

I did not know where he had lived.

Why did you call me?

We did not go to college yesterday.

Why did he give up studies ?

He did not help me.

How did you meet him ?

How did you get this windfall ?

He did not obey his elders.

He did not scold you.

He did not cheat me.

It did not rain yesterday.

Whom did you help ?

The booking-clerk did not issue tickets after the train had left.

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