develop in a sentence

We are trying to develop a new search engine that outperforms current ones.

Develop good study habits.

The key to success in life is to develop good habits.

We should develop courtesy, sympathy, courage, justice and truthfulness.

Good manners develop good habits in a person.

We should develop a healthy attitude towards life.

Good manners develop in a man’s mind when he is determined to learn something good.

If people want to think new thoughts, they should develop a liberal outlook.

One of the primary aims of education is to develop character.

One should try to develop warm, human understanding of people, their problems, their joys and their sorrows.

People should develop liberal outlook.

We should learn how to develop only noble thoughts in our mind.

If we don’t take bath regularly, don’t wear clean clothes, we may develop physical complications in the long run.

It is necessary to develop our emotions and thoughts about life in a positive manner.

Develop the habit of giving yourself positive self-talk.

We must pray regularly because prayer helps us to develop faith and enhance our internal strength.

Teachers need to develop personal contact with students in order to understand the latter better.

Once you develop a faith in yourself, you can do miracles.

Are we born with attitudes or do we develop them as we mature?

Life cannot grow or develop properly if there is no variation or change in it.

Try to develop good qualities in yourself.

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