deter in a sentence

Occasional unrests, terrorism and crime deter tourists.

Nothing can deter me from doing my duty.

No one can deter him from doing that.

Washing your body with the soap can deter bugs from attacking you.

There are certain healthy foods that helps one deter cancer.

One of the uses of aluminium foil is that it helps to deter tarnishing.

Dripping water can many a time deter a sound slumber.

He never tried to deter him from his wrong deeds.

Run electrified wires at the top and bottom of your fence to deter intrusions.

Coconut oil is known to deter lice.

Harsh punishments can deter cyber criminals.

He did not let the problem deter him from being successful in life.

It will help deter cats from the area.

How do I deter spiders from building webs across the sidewalks or doorways?

We can’t deter them from cheating.

People take great care to install security systems with alarms to deter intruders from breaking into their abode.

The hostile attitude of families often deter the disabled from taking an active part in society.

No amount of criticism, threat or censure could deter her from her chosen path.

The noisy atmosphere did not deter him from his studies.

That did not deter me.

Nothing can deter me from going there.

Nothing can deter me from doing my duty.

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