desire in a sentence

Desire for friendship is inborn in man.

We desire and welcome rains during summer.

There is no end to the desire of human beings.

I earnestly desire to gain the first prize.

Desire for power is inherent in man.

I have no desire for name and fame.

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve one’s goal in life.

One should have a desire to be good and do well.

The desire to feel important is one of the greatest cravings in most human beings.

The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose.

I had a great desire to see the family heirlooms.

All of us desire to be happy and are looking for ways to be so.

Whenever man has a desire, he becomes anxious as to how he can get the object of his desire.

We all have a great desire for peace.

Desire is the key to motivation.

Endless desire leads to sorrow.

The desire to make a million overnight has made the lottery a flourishing business.

Come any day you desire.

Each day a new desire rises in the mind.

I have no desire for fame.

How do you desire to be treated ?

I earnestly desire to get the top position.

My desire is to see you again.

I have a desire to join the army.

I can accompany you if you so desire.

I desire to study law.

This is in response to my father’s desire.

His desire to join your club is feeble.

This desire of mine has no religious significance.

He could not suppress the desire of his heart.

I shall try to help her since you desire it.

We desire to succeed, therefore we work.

What do you desire me to do?

He hasan insatiable desire to learn.

I have no desire to marry you.

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