delight in a sentence

Walking is my chief delight.

The diverse geographical locales of our country delight the tourists.

The children take delight in playing.

My heart leapt with delight.

It is a place of beauty and delight.

South Indian recipes are a great delight for those who love Indian spices.

Children are especially fond of this sweet delight.

Smoothies are a delight when it is rich and thick in texture.

Walking can be a delight.

Its taste and flavour makes it a perfect delight.

A quiet life affords very sweet delight.

They exclaimed in delight that they had won the match.

It’ll delight them to start it.

He takes a delight in doing social service.

Singing is my chief delight.

What sweet delight a quiet life affords!

My chief delight is cooking.

It will delight me if you pay an early visit.

They delight themselves in ridiculing others.

They delight in teasing children.

It is a matter of delight.

He took delight in insulting his teacher.

He is filled with delight.

She takes delight in dancing.

He cried out with delight that his brother stood first.

He takes delight in the sufferings of others.

I take delight in wearing it.

I have heard with greatest delight of your safe arrival.

Change has its own thrill and delight.

Books are the source of eternal delight.

The day of Holi is spent in great joy and delight.

Walking is my chief delight.

In order to delight the gathering, our college girls sang a folk-song.

A beautiful object fills the heart with joy and delight.

This lovely rose garden is a visual delight.

My children find great delight in feeding the dog.

He was beaming with delight at the news of his victory.

My chief delight is cooking.

His chief delight is painting.

I watched all this with great delight.

The children watched the monkey show with delight.

The news gave me delight.

Travelling has always been a delight to me.

They received the order with delight.

What sweet delight a quiet life brings !

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