delicacies in a sentence

This restaurant is known for its vegetarian delicacies.

We had several delicacies for dinner.

We are providing mouth-watering delicacies to the food lovers.

These delicacies are particularly attracting huge crowds.

We have bought these delicacies at a very reasonable price.

My best friend ate up all the delicacies prepared by my mother.

We served a number of delicacies to our guests.

We have enjoyed innumerable delicacies in this hotel.

He was served the choicest of delicacies but seemed to waste away.

He demonstrated his culinary skills and cooked some delicacies.

There is hardly anyone who can withstand the lure of delicious delicacies.

They displayed their culinary skills by preparing mouth- watering delicacies without fire.

We have prepared all these delicacies for this festival.

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