deceived in a Sentence

He was too clever to be deceived.

He cannot be deceived.

Who has deceived you?

I confided in him, but he deceived me.

Neither I or my brother has deceived you.

Whom will you have deceived?

The beggar deceived us by pretending he was blind.

My friend had deceived me.

He is the same person that deceived you.

Let her be not deceived.

I have not deceived you.

You deceived him.

I had not deceived you.

He is being deceived by his own friends.

He is too clever to be easily deceived.

He deceived me under the pretence of friendship.

Instead of helping us, he deceived us.

People get deceived by fake and imitation goods.

I always thought my business partner was honest, but he has deceived.

I am in a quandary as my friend has deceived me.

His mother still trusted him, though he had deceived her so often.

Has he deceived her ?

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