curious in a sentence

At a new place, one is curious to know and eager to gather information.

I am curious to see my little daughter’s dance performance at the school function.

adolescents are curious to know about sex.

We are looking for curious and creative employees for our company.

We humans are a curious lot.

I am curious, adventurous, and always ready to learn something new.

I came across a curious phenomenon yesterday.

He is seriously curious to know about it.

He has always been a curious child and loves asking questions.

She is curious to read about women cricketers and their achievements.

Be curious and dare to try something new.

The future belongs to the curious.

I’m very curious by nature.

It makes me curious.

I was curious as to which approach would produce the most meaningful results.

Young children are naturally curious and passionate about learning.

Be more curious.

Scholars are people who are naturally curious.

He is curious and full of emotions.

Our kids are curious about the world.

Let him be curious about you.

Cats are generally curious by nature.

Answer curious questions from young children.

They are intensely curious about the world around them.

He is curious about you.

He is curious by nature.

Inquire about the person you’re curious about.

Children are very curious to know everything.

He was curious to get morknowledge.

This was very curious.

l am curious to know who won.

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