crowded in a sentence

The people crowded the bus stand.

A big city is always crowded and noisy.

The journalists crowded around the chief minister.

In Delhi, the buses are mostly crowded.

The bus was awfully crowded.

The hotels are crowded with tourists.

It is a very crowded city.

The roads are getting more and more crowded with the passage of time.

The buses are crowded like bee hives.

Avoid going to places that are highly crowded.

Public swimming pools are very crowded during the summer season.

Our minds are crowded with thoughts.

Buses, trains and autos are always crowded with people more than the capacity.

Don’t make it crowded.

Avoid any crowded areas where the chances of getting an infection are high.

How often are you going to a crowded place?

I always prefer to drive slow in the crowded streets of the city.

The roads in our city are always overcrowded.

It is not an easy task to board a crowded bus.

Many of the city people live in crowded areas.

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