creation in a sentence

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God.

Children are the lovely creation of the nature.

This picture is the creation of a great artist.

Man is the apex of all creation.

We are all a part of this overall creation of God.

To every parent his child is the most exquisite being in creation.

God pays meticulous attention to the needs of his creation.

Creation of wealth is a product of patience and knowledge.

Many people love gardening because it gives the heavenly feeling of the creation.

Man is the best creation of God.

Stress is merely a creation of your own mind.

Trees are the most beautiful creation of nature.

Women are the mysterious creation of the almighty.

Folic acid is helpful in the creation of red blood cells and in the prevention of anaemia.

We just fell in love with every creation presented by you.

The scope of this new fashionable creation is immense.

A human body is a mysterious creation.

Human being is the most fabulous creation of the almighty.

Women are known as God’s creation of beauty.

God is the protector of the creation and is very benevolent.

Take a look at this wonderful creation.

We human beings are the most beautiful creation of God.

This universe is a creation of God.

He is always busy in creation.

Beauty is a wonderful creation of God.

Man is God’s great creation.

This painting is my daughter’s creation.

He filled his creation with beauty, charm and splendour.

He looks upon all the creation with friendly eyes.

When man appeared on this earth for the first time, he was a totally helpless creation.

The present Indian Constitution is the creation of Ambedkar.

He filled his creation with beauty, charm and splendour.

This creation seems to be purposeless.

Synonyms of Creation

formation,foundation, formulation, invention, contrivance, universe, invention, origination, establishment, production

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