courteous in a sentence

We must learn how to be polite and courteous.

A merchant who is not courteous soon loses his customers.

We should be courteous to our younger and sympathetic towards children.

He is simple, humble and courteous person.

We should be true, fair, kind, helpful, courteous and considerate to all.

He is courteous to all of us.

A gentleman is kind and courteous.

An ideal student is courteous to one and all.

The people in my city are gentle and courteous.

Are you courteous to your elders?

He is polite and courteous to everybody.

He is always polite and courteous.

Be courteous to him.

He was always immaculately dressed and incredibly polite and courteous.

He is sober, soft-spoken and courteous.

He looks like a gentleman to the core, mannerly and courteous.

He impressed the guests with his courteous and affable manners.

Your courteous behaviour and sentiments help your love life.

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