how to use courage in a sentence

He kept up his courage in all difficulties.

If you had not shown courage the child would have been drowned.

Many men possess moral courage.

We should not lose courage in the face of danger.

His courage forsook him.

His courage helps him a lot.

Unless you have courage, you can’t achieve anything.

On critical occasions, it is your courage that counts.

I inspired him with courage.

Courage is the control of fear.”

How dare you command me to leave?

The fear of examinations saps the courage and energy of the examinee.

You have a lot of courage and stamina.

She has a heart full of courage.

Danger calls forth courage.

He had the courage to call a spade a spade in the general meeting.

We need to discourage pollution.

Can courage be taught ?

She is a woman who has great courage.

His manly courage is responsible for his great success in business.

The crisis put heavy demands on his courage.

He has no courage to attack you

She is not without courage.

He fought with courage.

He needed a great courage.

He is replete with the feelings of courage and confidence.

Critical situations can only be faced with courage.

We should tide over every difficulty with courage.

He does not lack courage.

He has courage to fight in odd circumstances.

It requires a great deal of courage and experience to hunt a tiger.

You should bear this loss with courage.

We should not lose courage in the time of difficulty.

We must have courage and self-confidence to attain our goal.

Nobody can be great if he does not have courage.

This put heavy demands on his courage.

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