contented in a sentence

We should lead a contended life.

To be happy in life you must first be happy and contended with yourself.

Keeping hatred in your life will never let you move on relaxed and contended.

This will make you feel contended and calm.

A man who has no discipline can’t live a happy and contended life.

How to live happily and contended?

The biggest challenge in modern life is how to live happily and contended.

Be contended.

Contended mind can live happily.

Are you satisfied with your accomplishments and self contended?

He was never contended all his life.

Be contended with whatever destiny bestows on you.

Leading a contended life will give the great degree of happiness.

There are many contended people in this world.

Be contended with what you have.

I am a contended man.

Peace is a natural outcome of a contended life.

They lead a contented life.

Even the richest man of today is not contented.

Are you contented with your lot?

One should remain contented with what one has.

A contented person is happy with whatever he gets in life.

People used to lead a contented life in olden days.

He was contented with his lot.

He leads a very contended life.

I am contented with my life.

How to lead a reasonably contented life.

He led a highly contented meaningful life.

He is neither happy nor contented.

He is always contented.

He is a very simple person contented with his lot.

I feel contented with whatever I have got.

I am a contented man.

For a contented life, improve your mental toughness.

Be contended with your lot.

Honest and contented people have a smooth sailing in life.

He is contented with his lot.

He is poor but contented.

It is a cold comfort for the poor to ask them to be contented.

In spite of his being rich, he is not contented.

Since he was quite contented, he never grumbled.

Though he is poor, he is contented.

I am not contented with my present job.

He is poor, but contented.

He is poor but he is contented.

I was contented to assist her.

She was contented.

I am contented with my lot.

Although she is poor yet she is contented.

However rich he may be he is never contented.

We should learn to be contented with what we have.

It contented me to assist her.

He leads a contented life.

He is rich but he is not contented.

I am contented with what I get.

You cannot live peacefully unless you are contented.

Synonyms of contented

pleased, satisfied, happy, delighted, cheerful, serene, cozy, restful, glad

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