conquer in a sentence

Alexander wanted to conquer the whole world.

I don’t want to conquer the world.

Paul Whittaker became the first disabled person to conquer the Everest in 1998.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh led his army to conquer Mankera in 1821.

Have courage to conquer yourself.

We should conquer our mind.

We should conquer our fears.

I am determined to conquer my fears.

Self-confidence can make a person conquer even the moon.

His physical disability has been no obstacle for him to conquer his dreams.

No one could ever conquer it.

His creativity helped him to conquer the whole world.

I still have to conquer my own nature.

Is it possible that we conquer death?

Conquer anger.

Conquer Desire.

She has the power in her to conquer bigger heights.

Conquer emotions.

Do not give into obesity but conquer it.

You should conquer over your weaknesses.

You Can conquer The Bad Times.

Conquer your enemy.

Conquer your mind.

Conquer him with love.

Conquer your weakness.

Conquer your fears.

Defeat can’t conquer a hard working person.

Conquer the world with your love.

How to conquer over your sorrow?

How do we conquer Anger and Negative Emotions?

For a long time man was not able to conquer the highest peak of the Himalayas.

We shall conquer it.

It is very difficult to conquer desires.

Can anybody conquer death ?

Man has been able to conquer space.

Conquer your passions or they will conquer you.

Don’t allow your troubles to conquer you.

Patience and perseverance can conquer all obstacles.

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