Connection in a Sentence

We shall have no connection with you.

Your connection will be cut off if you do not pay the bill.

I have no connection with her for the last three years.

The printer connection isn’t working.

I have no connection with him.

There is no connection between the two things.

There is a causal connection between food and health.

There is no causal connection between health and longevity of life.

He had to come to Delhi in connection with some criminal case.

There is a close connection between the two.

We need a dedicated telephone line for our Internet connection.

They had warrants for my arrest in connection with a student agitation in our college.

I know nothing in this connection

Most of the students have been busy all through the month in connection with the Annual cultural week.

I had already met you personally in this connection twice.

I seek your valuable suggestions in this connection.

The police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery.

The police want to question a man in connection with the robbery.

The most obvious use of games is in connection with physical health.

A computer and a telephone connection are required to get an internet connection.

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