companion in a sentence

I found him a good companion.

He had no companion to play with.

This is a companion volume to the previous publication.

Television has become our constant companion which entertains us.

His dog is his invariable companion.

Good habits are like a good companion.

What is companion planting?

I need a companion.

I look upon my wife as my companion in the journey of life.

You don’t have a companion to play with .

This beautiful bird is a great companion for your backyard.

What is the difference between a friend and a companion?

He can make you laugh and can be a wonderful companion.

Everyone needs a companion, irrespective of the age.

Everyone loves to have a companion to share their life.

He didn’t accept me as a companion.

Why does everyone need a companion in life?

He is a close companion of him.

A good friend is always a good guide and companion.

A man without a companion is really unfortunate.

He was my companion during the journey.

It has become my good companion.

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