comfortable in a sentence

Our stay was very comfortable.

I do not feel comfortable in social gatherings.

Travelling has become comfortable by the use of a variety of vehicles on land and seas as well as in the air.

Man has been able to invent various things in science and technology for a better and comfortable life.

Our domestic life has become very comfortable with the invention of electrical appliances.

Science has made the life of the modern man very comfortable.

She is comfortable in comedy as well as tragedy.

Science has made our lives comfortable and convenient in many ways.

He leads a comfortable life.

Children should be allowed to use whichever hand feels most comfortable.

He made us feel very comfortable in his house.

How can we live comfortable and stress-free life?

Casual denims and jeans are comfortable and sturdy.

This is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

This is comfortable and easy to wear.

Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear.

I want comfortable clothes before everything else.

Make him comfortable.

Baby clothes are all about making the baby comfortable.

He will be comfortable with you very soon.

Be Comfortable.

It is very important to be comfortable in what you wear.

What is the most comfortable position to sleep during pregnancy?

It is comfortable.

I’m quite comfortable here.

My house is small but comfortable.

This is a comfortable chair.

The wonders of science have made our life very comfortable.

He was feeling uncomfortable at the presence of his boss.

I hope you are having a comfortable stay.

Scientific inventions have made life easy and comfortable.

It is safe as well as comfortable.

He made his little house as comfortable as his means would allow.

This is a very comfortable chair.

He was sitting in a comfortable position.

The seating in this cinema is very comfortable.

It was a comfortable journey.

I got a comfortable seat.

It has made our life easy and comfortable.

The journey was very comfortable.

The seats were easy and comfortable.

I am is feeling comfortable after the operation.

I am very comfortable here.

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