clean in a sentence

He keeps himself clean by taking a daily bath.

He swept the floor clean.

Store the food in clean utensils.

We should keep our body clean.

Do you clean your teeth after meals?

How do you expect your kid to keep his nose clean, if you don’t.

We clean the house with water.

We clean the utensils with water.

Do you keep your pets clean?

Plants clean up the air and keep it fresh.

I am very particular about keeping his surrounding clean.

I clean my car two times a week.

Eat clean and fresh food.

We should do our homework in clean and neat way at the right time.

Keep the burner clean for a good flame.

He kept the shrine clean and tidy.

I take care of myself by keeping my skin clean.

My mother keeps the house neat and clean.

Floor of the room is not clean.

We are so irresponsible that we don’t keep our roads clean.

Clean the floor with dettol and water.

Clean your nose daily.

Let us clean the house.

We shall clean the house.

The accused made a clean breast of everything.

Our classroom is so clean, not a peck of dust can be seen anywhere.

I can play a clean game of chess.

Clean the wound and dress it.

He made a clean breast of his crime.

If you make a clean breast of your guilt, you may be forgiven.

He made a clean breast of his crime to the police.

I keep my room clean and neat.

Am I the one who has to clean up the mess?

Keep the room clean.

He made a clean sweep of his enemies.

It was quite neat and clean.

I keep my house neat and clean.

You are ordered to clean the black-board.

Bring me a tumbler full of dean water.

We should keep our houses and environment clean.

He always wears neat and clean uniform.

It is kept neat and clean.

The thief make a clean breast of the whole thing before the police officer.

People clean their houses.

Clean you teeth evey morning.

How often do you clean your refrigerator?

The floods made a clean sweep of the crops.

Are my shoes clean ?

I wished to make a clean sweep of it.

The air is no longer pure and clean.

He keeps the canteen neat and clean.

Waiter, the spoon is not clean.

Keep your home clean.

He swept the floor clean.

Our films were clean and socially purposeful in the past.

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