charming in a sentence

He has a charming personality.

She has a charming face.

Her face is very charming.

He has a very charming smile.

She looks charming in this picture.

Never have I seen such a charming woman.

She looks very charming in this portrait.

See how charming this is!

She has a charming mien.

How charming Dalhousie is !

She has a very charming smile.

The scenery of Kashmir is very charming.

The vale of Kashmir is charming.

The scenery of Kashmir is charming.

What a charming scenery it is!

She has a charming gait.

The sight is very charming.

“What a charming sight ! ”

She looks charming.

The scenery of Darzeeling is very charming.

She is less charming than her sister.

How charming the man is !

He is very charming.

She has a charming figure.

He was quite taken in by her charming manners.

He is said to be a man of charming personality.

His glamorous and charming personality left his opponents spell bound.

I know that your country is a very charming place.

She was looking charming in her new suit.

The scenic beauty of this place is very charming.

He has a good personality and charming habits.

High mountains covered with snow presented a charming sight.

She has a charming gait.

The rising and the setting sun both appear very charming.

The colour of these pens are charming.

It is in spring that life seems to be full, lively and charming.

The starry sky at night looks charming.

The flowers are very charming and refreshing.

They present a charming sight.

Hyderabad is famous for its charming minarets, the Charminar.

She appears very charming.

The hilly natural scenery is very charming.

He had a charming style.

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