suffering in a sentence

The patient was suffering from a nervous breakdown. He has been suffering from a serious heart disease. He is suffering from fever. Many people are suffering from total blindness in our country. He was filled with the spirit of compassion for all who were in suffering and pain. He is diagnosed to be suffering from … Read more

study in a sentence

Students of law have to study the Indian Constitution. Study skills need to be developed in a child from the very beginning. Let your study programme not produce boredom or be monotonous. Some students prefer to study in the open in fresh air. About three thousand students study in my school. Despite the shortage of … Read more

received in a sentence

I received a letter from my brother yesterday. I received the topper’s prize for standing first in the house examinations. I received an anonymous letter yesterday. The film star received a deluge of letters. I received your letter yesterday. I have received no response to my application for a job. Jawaharlal Nehru received his early … Read more

problems in a sentence

What are the problems of city-life? The maths problems were too complicated to solve without the teacher’s help. Nobody is without problems. Excuses make the problems worse than the problems itself. He is not capable of sorting out his problems. Sandalwood is beneficial in curing many skin problems. We undergo many health problems time and … Read more

now in a sentence

He is working better now. He will have reached Mumbai by now. It is eight now. How are you feeling now? What should we do now? She is a retiree and is now on pension. The sun is now beneath the horizon I used to live in Austria, but now I live in Germany. When … Read more

leader in a sentence

He was the leader of our city. They mourned for their dead leader. Mahatma Gandhi was the foremost leader of this time. He is a veteran political leader. A good leader is patient and tactful. The audience acclaimed the leader. He posed to be a great valiant leader. Who is the leader of this group? … Read more