carefully in a sentence

One should speak carefully.

Please read the above passage carefully and answer the question that follow.

Read the newspaper carefully.

Choose your words carefully.

He observed all kinds of people carefully and learnt much from them.

I listened to each and every word carefully so that I did not miss out anything.

Carefully read the table of contents of this book.

Choose your mentor carefully.

He takes every step in life very carefully.

Please look into the matter carefully.

Please listen to me carefully.

Keep this carefully.

I answered carefully.

Handle Your Marital Problems Carefully.

Always drive carefully.

Deal with them carefully.

You need to follow these suggestions carefully.

Choose your words carefully.

Park your vehicles carefully.

Read it carefully.

Please listen to me carefully.

Speak carefully.

Please hold it carefully.

Do it very carefully to avoid damage.

Everyone should choose their words carefully.

Utilise your time carefully.

Please read it carefully.

Cast your vote carefully.

Use electronic gadgets carefully.

Tread carefully while choosing a career.

Speak carefully While in Public Place.

Attend carefully to what the instructor says.

Listen carefully lest you should forget.

Read your lesson carefully.

He works in the office carefully.

Talk carefully.

Walk carefully.

Walk carefully lest you should fall.

It is always better to drive carefully.

I read my book carefully.

Speak carefully lest you should falter.

You should do your work carefully.

She is looking after her children very carefully these days.

Go over the pros and cons of the case carefully.

Handle the crockery carefully.

You are being watched carefully.

Read it over carefully.

We listened to his speech carefully.

The teacher ordered the students to listen to him carefully.

We examined the document carefully.

The owner of the shop advises his workers to attend to the customers carefully.

He went over the whole account carefully.

Study this book carefully.

He usually writes carefully.

Not all students do their lessons carefully.

We’ll think it over carefully.

She listens carefully.

We’ll think over the plan carefully.

My sister doesn’t read carefully enough.

She writes carefully.

Read the paper carefully and finish it in time.

Walk carefully lest you should stumble.

Walk carefully lest you should slip.

He examined the document carefully.

You must steer your car carefully.

Walk down the stairs carefully.

She ironed her uniform carefully.

Speak carefully so that you don’t have to eat your words.

The teacher examined the answer book carefully.

I took down his notes carefully.

He is watching you very carefully.

Mark my words carefully.

He drives carefully.

Read the questions carefully and answer them in your own words.

You have to do it carefully.

He works carefully.

Parents should carefully monitor what their children play or see.

Please listen to the text carefully.

Study the question carefully and thoroughly.

Go through the account books carefully.

Read the passage carefully and try to understand what it means.

Read through the list carefully.

Read the paragraph carefully.

Read the letter carefully.

He drives more carefully than you

He does his work carefully.

Listen carefully.

Take down carefully whatever I say.

We have considered your application carefully.

Walk carefully lest you should fall down.

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