calamity in a sentence

The earthquake caused great calamity for the people.

An earthquake is a natural calamity.

I did not know how to face this calamity.

What is a natural calamity?

Have you survived any natural calamity?

He was bewildered when the sudden calamity befell him.

Who is responsible for this calamity?

Now a days man is suffering from many incidence of natural calamity.

Save your wealth against future calamity.

Many villages and cities were affected because of this natural calamity.

This is really a calamity.

We should always be prepared to meet any natural calamity.

Our country faces natural calamity every year.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity.

When man tinker with nature, it will result in natural calamity.

The First World War was a calamity for Germany and Europe.

We are trying to find a reason behind this calamity.

It is high time to make preparations to tackle any calamity.

It is natural calamity.

They were evacuated from calamity-hit areas.

He has saved money to feed his family in the event of any calamity.

It is a great calamity.

A rainy day in winter is considered a calamity.

If the monsoon fails again this year, it will be a calamity.

It is a good insurance against sudden calamity.

It is a good insurance against sudden calamity.

Had you been more careful, such a calamity would not have befallen us.

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