busy in a sentence

Now-a-days I am busy with social work.

In the modern world, everybody is busy.

A man who is always busy, has no time to think of anything.

We are always busy in finding others’ weaknesses, and easily forget our own shortcomings.

You may neglect your health due to busy schedule.

We must use the subways to cross the busy roads.

He is always busy.

She is always busy in this work or that work.

Farmers are very busy during the harvest season.

My parents are very busy making money.

I am very busy with my marriage preparations.

She was so busy that she couldn’t look after her children.

I’m so busy that I can’t help you in your lesson.

They were busy in weaving cotton fabrics.

She is busy with her work.

I have been busy for some time past.

He is so busy that he does not know when the sun rises or sets.

He keeps busy without a mission.

He is busy with her work.

She has been busy from morning till evening.

Parents are busy working and do not spend quality time with children.

I am busy Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

I am busy with my work.

This canteen is a busy centre of student activities.

During my school life I used to remain busy for the whole of the day.

It was a very busy day.

All the day he is busy in playing cards with other boys.

They get busy in making friends with each other.

That keeps him busy throughout the morning hours.

He informed me that you were busy with your studies.

Life is not worth living if we remain busy in our worldly pursuits.

A bus-stand is a busy place.

He s busy with his writing.

I want to be busy in the world of colours.

I keep busy the whole day long.

Do you know that I am busy ?

They are busy today.

He disturbed others who were busy in doing some work.

Since you are busy today, I shall visit you some other day.

Do not disturb me as I am very busy today.

He is busy with his work.

They always remain busy with their studies.

A hobby keeps a person active, busy and cheerful.

The time of the meeting does not suit me as I will be busy at that time.

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