Besides in a Sentence

Besides being laborious, he is intelligent.

Besides being a bowler, he is good batsman.

But besides has also different meanings involved.

What interests do you have besides computer games ?

Besides you, there are twelve other applicants for the job.

Besides this pen, I have four more.

He has a car besides a motor cycle.

Besides being a dancer, she is a good singer.

Besides giving him food I gave him clothes.

He came and sat besides me.

Besides robbing the poor child, he also murdered her.

Besides giving me money, he encouraged me.

Besides being foolish she is also careless.

Besides being a teacher, he is a good author.

Besides being a teacher, he was a politician.

He bought a pen besides a pencil.

Besides being beautiful she is intelligent.

Besides music, she is learning dancing.

Besides making a promise, she keeps it.

The doctor besides his nurses were present in the hospital.

Besides being intelligent, she is beautiful.

Besides being a fine speaker he is a good singer.

Besides being fined, he was beaten by the teacher.

Besides being rude he is a cheat.

He was besides himself with joy.

I know a number of European languages besides English.

I do extra study besides the textbooks prescribed.

You are getting besides yourself with anger for nothing.

We will study German besides English.

I play football besides hockey.

What do you play besides hockey

He sat besides me.

Your argument is besides the point.

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