away in a sentence

Dustbin should be kept away from the cooking and eating places.

Stars are millions of miles away from us.

Stay away from anxiety.

A good health keeps us away from the diseases and health disorders.

Every Sunday I take a bath in the canal which is a few kilometers away from my house.

The fence around the fields keeps animals away.

Do not stress yourself unnecessarily when the exams are just a few days away.

We cannot run away from our problems.

To enjoy good health one must keep away from smoking and drinking.

The roots of the trees bind the soil together and stop it from washing away.

He has taken away the new car.

The doctor gave him a capsule to take away the pain.

Himalayan ice is melting and if we will not stop, rivers will wash away everything.

He has signed away his property to his brother.

Don’t get carried away.

Healthy food and some exercise a day, keeps the doctor away.

Moon is about 3,84,000 kms away from the earth.

The army blasted away the enemy camps.

He is away from general worries and cares of life.

I will be away from my office for 2 days.

He lives away from his family

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