purchased in a sentence

It cannot be purchased from the market. Have you purchased the ticket We purchased the tickets and went in. He had purchased a car. Which book had you purchased ? He purchased a big house. My pen is similar to the one he has purchased. I purchased a book. He had purchased many toys. I … Read more

loyal in a sentence

He is very loyal to the house. We should be loyal to our country. We all need to be loyal towards our responsibilities. If you are loyal to your body it will be loyal to you. Indian history is full of faithful and loyal persons. She is loyal to me. How loyal is your best … Read more

seldom in a sentence

Two of a trade seldom agree. Success without failures is seldom possible. Most of us seldom pay attention to some minor aspects of lifestyle. Most of us seldom understand introverts. He seldom answers my call. If you seldom wash your hands before eating anything, germs may invade your system easily. She seldom demands. They seldom … Read more

victim in a sentence

The victim left the city along with her relatives. He fell a victim to cholera. He was a victim of racial discrimination. In childhood, he fell a victim to small-pox. The victim died from suffocation. It is being surmised that the victim fell from the hotel balcony. The accused had used the phone of victim … Read more

renewable in a sentence

Wood is a truly renewable resource that can last for generations. He placed emphasis on conventional source as well as renewable sources of energy such as wind power for energy security of the country. We need to research and develop renewable energy so that we can make a smooth conversion from fossil fuels to renewable … Read more

laugh in a sentence

We should not laugh at the poor people. Her tricks made us laugh. We should not laugh at the poor. How can you laugh at such a moment? She is trying to make me laugh by dancing in  a funny manner. People laugh at jokes. To make other laugh I am ready to do anything. … Read more