attractive in a sentence

A sense of humor makes a person likable and attractive.

His music is charming and attractive.

This offer is attractive to anyone.

Politeness is the most attractive part of humanity.

The scenery of this place is very attractive.

He is attractive, debonair and amusing to talk.

You are one of the most attractive women I have met.

Your plan looks attractive; but it is not practicable.

She was dressed in attractive clothes.

They are very attractive.

He is a very attractive person.

What an attractive person he is !

We should not purchase anything just because it is very attractive, because appearances are often deceptive.

She is a very attractive young lady.

He was preaching sermons in an attractive and appealing manner.

It is an attractive watch.

The beginning and the ending of a paragraph should be the most attractive.

Avoid being confused by attractive-looking irrelevancies.

They were all equally beautiful and attractive.

I shall start agro-based industries to make agriculture attractive.

Outwardly, the attractive, bright and glittering things usually catch our eyes.

The scenery of Kashmir is very attractive.

The period of childhood is really very attractive.

Many things may superficially appear very attractive.

Her offer is so attractive that I can’t refuse it.

He has been offered an attractive job.

Your sari has a very attractive print.

The song has an attractive tune.

This soap comes in several attractive shades.

She danced in an attractive manner.

Your dress is attractive.

His sweet words and smiles are attractive.

Our school library is a very attractive place.

The best way to look young and attractive is to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

He is not very tall yet he has an attractive personality.

They were arranged in a very attractive way.

These places are very beautiful and attractive.

Both are attractive.

He is not very tall yet he has an attractive personality.

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