attentive in a sentence

The teacher asked him to be attentive in the class.

The teacher flayed him for being not so attentive in the class.

Be more attentive to the needs of your partner.

She has a smiling and attentive face.

Children need to be active, smart and attentive.

If your partner is not attentive to you, your relationship is not going in the right direction.

Be attentive and thoughtful.

Take care of your skin and treat it with grace and attentive care.

He feels sleepy and less attentive towards his work.

Be an attentive listener to your spouse.

Please lend me an attentive ear.

Remain attentive towards your health.

Start conversation when he is attentive.

Try to be attentive.

The soldiers at the border are always attentive and alert in every manner.

Be very conscious and attentive in the class.

She is very attentive to her child.

Be sure to be attentive and alert as you read through complicated documents.

He is very helpful and attentive to his customers.

If you are really attentive, you can learn every moment.

He is naturally attentive, creative, and honest.

We should remain attentive towards our children.

When you are fully attentive to one thing you are less attentive to another.

He is not attentive to the teacher.

Be attentive when I teach.

He is not attentive to your lecture.

Be attentive to your teacher.

He is seldom attentive to his lessons.

I like such students as are attentive.

We’re attentive listeners.

This student is very attentive.

He is always attentive in the class.

Be attentive to your studies.

He is a very attentive and caring husband.

He remained attentive in the class.

He is not attentive to my lecture.

You are very attentive.

Be punctual and attentive.

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