attention in a sentence

It is a waste of time talking to you because you never remember or pay attention to what anyone says.

We should give more attention to work more than the ends.

Water crisis is becoming the major issue that needs attention.

If you do not pay full attention to your business, you will suffer losses.

A farmer who pays full attention to his work, reaps a bumper crop at the and of the season.

Pay attention to what I say.

Variety has always attracted man’s attention.

Unfortunately, we do not pay enough attention to physical fitness.

New and beautiful things in the show case attract the attention of the customers.

Pay attention to your family problems.

He had not paid much attention to any of them.

I pay attentive attention in class.

She did not pay attention to him.

Pay attention when others speak.

She always pays attention to the teacher.

You must pay attention in class.

Television programmes distract the attention of children and they cannot attend to their studies.

I treated them with the scantiest attention.

Pay attention to your teacher.

He listened with rapt attention.

He never paid any attention to what his teacher said.

Parents must pay attention to the bringing of their children.

I heard him in rapt attention.

He had listened to me with full attention.

May I have your attention please!

I am giving my entire attention to studies.

You are not paying attention to your studies.

Divert your attention to me.

You should pay more attention to your studies.

You have distracted my attention.

Pay attention to this sum.

You should pay more attention to your child.

He pays no attention to his work.

Everybody listened to him with attention.

He wanted to attract our attention.

He paid less attention to sports and more to studies.

Listen to him with attention.

She paid less attention to sports.

Students should pay attention to their studies.

Pay attention to your education.

He does not pay attention to the other’s feelings.

This matter is too unimportant and trifling to receive my attention.

Pay attention to what the teacher says.

Listen to me with attention.

Do pay attention to him.

He pays too much attention to her.

Thank you very much for your attention to this request.

This matter needs your urgent attention.

He paid a little attention to me.

These children need attention and care.

Pay special attention to your punctuation.

Our government is paying special attention towards the agricultural sector.

He do not pay attention to class lectures.

You are paying less attention to your studies.

My attention was called off by the noise.

Pay attention to what I am saying.

At least I got your attention.

No attention was paid to my advice.

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