article in a Sentence

Could you kindly wait up until I finish this article?

Have you read the article?

We didn’t read the article.

You can safely cut out the last paragraph of this article.

His article was not published in the magazine because it was not upto the mark.

Your article is informative.

You will not be writing an article.

How did you find the article ?

My article was torn to pieces.

Your article deserves all praise.

Use a catchy sentence to begin the article.

Will you please copy this article for me?

The article in today’s paper is a slur on my reputation.

He wrote this article in the newspaper without my leave.

This article is selling at rock-bottom price.

This article concerns cruelty to animals.

An ink is an useful article.

He has contributed an article to the Hindustan Times.

There’s an interesting article in the paper today.

Have you seen this article in the paper?

This is a useful article.

Petrol is an inflammable article.

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