amiable in a sentence

He is polite, amiable and soft-spoken.

She has amiable nature.

He is polite, amiable and soft-spoken.

She is a girl of amiable nature.

Amiable and understanding parents can motivate their children better.

I am a young man of nineteen with amiable manners.

I found him very amiable and helpful.

Be amiable.

I am a simple and selfless person with an amiable nature.

Your amiable stars will push all hurdles out of your way.

I find my wife an amiable partner.

He has his own unique informal and amiable personality.

He greeted us with an amiable smile.

He is amiable and gracious.

This story is written by an amiable man with a cultivated mind.

Her kind nature and amiable semblance won all heart.

He is an amiable and soften-spoken man.

He has an amiable personality.

My sister has an amiable nature.

She wins everyone’s admiration with her amiable nature.

Everybody likes her amiable manner.

She possesses an amiable temperament.

She is not only a beautiful but also an amiable girl.

He is trying for an amicable settlement of the dispute.

He is a balanced personality with amiable ways and decent manners.

All my friends are quite cooperative and amiable.

He is tall and amiable.

She has an amiable nature.

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