altar in a sentence

The priest placed the book on the altar.

Put your offerings on the altar.

The priest stood before the altar.

We all pay homage to the noble souls who sacrificed their lives at the altar of freedom.

I can’t alter my programme.

He saw the man genuflect in front of the altar.

These days trees are being axed on the altar of development.

He lay down his life at the altar of freedom.

Have you been sacrificing yourself on the altar of someone else’s desire?

A censer was placed on the altar.

A soldier makes the supreme sacrifice by laying down his life at the altar of his motherland.

She ran away from the altar as she didn’t like the groom.

They laid down their lives at the altar of the country.

He knelt before the altar and confessed his sins.

He placed flowers at the altar.

She knelt before the altar.

She placed a beautiful censer near the altar.

The priest led me to the altar.

He sacrificed everything at the altar of freedom.

She placed the flowers on the altar.

He was kneeling at the altar.

The priest bowed before the altar.

She placed her offerings on the altar.

He is always prepared to sacrifice all ideals at the altar of money.

He knelt down before the altar and took a vow not to touch wine.

He gets ready to sacrifice his friendship on the altar of the honour of the family.

The pious old man bowed before the altar.

He bowed his head at the altar.

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