alms in a sentence

Why should we give alms to someone who is undeserving, lazy and unwilling to earn his daily bread?

My grandmother gives alms to the poor.

The beggars can be seen at public places, outside malls, roundabouts, streets and markets seeking alms from residents.

He regularly gives alms to the poor.

Our religion teaches us to give alms to the needy and the poor.

The rich lady distributed alms among the beggars.

He atoned for the sin by giving alms to the poor.

There is no dearth of people who would give alms out of pity.

You must give alms to the poor.

At times, the beggars had started abusing if they did not get enough alms.

Beggars, a majority of them children, can be seen outside religious places seeking alms from visitors.

He used to give alms to the poor.

He lived on alms.

He led an austere life living on alms.

It is good to offer alms to the needy.

I came to ask you for alms.

Many people give alms to the poor and the needy to derive some punya or benefits.

Beggars beg alms.

Alms are given to the beggars.

I will give alms to all of you.

Alms were given to the poor.

Please give him alms.

He is crying for alms.

The sight of sturdy men taking to begging and living on alms is very depressing.

Beggars are begging alms in moving tones.

I will give alms to all of you.

Some street beggars appeal for alms in a musical manner.

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