alarming in a sentence

The population of India is increasing at an alarming rate.

Deforestation is alarming continuously and indicating the need to stop cutting plants for the safety of human lives.

Depression in teenage girls is increasing at an alarming rate.

Take a look at the alarming signs that need immediate attention.

Are your cortisol levels alarmingly high?

It can be an alarming sign to show an underlying problem.

Pollution in some cites has reached alarming levels today.

Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate.

Chest pain is alarming because we associate the condition to a heart attack.

The cases of baldness are increasing at an alarming rate these days.

It is an alarming indication of some serious underlying health issue.

This is an alarming situation.

Thyroid problems can make you put on weight at an alarming rate.

He has put on an alarming amount of weight.

Skin cancer may be slow growing or grow at an alarming speed.

This news is alarming.

Red is usually the most alarming color.

It is an alarming sign and you should consult a doctor.

When you have diabetes, your kidneys start getting damaged at an alarming rate.

Trees are falling at an alarming rate.

The situation had become so alarming that the officer had to order firing on the violent mob.

The news is alarming.

The number of unemployed persons has increased to an alarming level.

The crime graph against women is increasing at an alarming rate.

The rise in population is very alarming.

The practice of female foeticide is getting alarming day by day.

The alarming rate of increase of population must be checked.

The general noise level in the mega cities is rising alarmingly.

The situation of environment on this earth is indeed alarming.

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