aim in a sentence

Fix the aim of your life.

Everybody has his own aim in life.

Life without aim seems to be dull.

The aim of education is to enable the human personality to grow to its full stature.

What is the aim of education?

Examinations aim at judging students’ knowledge in a specific time frame.

One must have an aim in life.

A man’s life without an aim is like a ship without its captain.

The main aim of education is the all-round development of a student.

My chief aim is to serve humanity.

The aim of true education is not to make a clerk of a boy but to make him capable of doing something more constructive.

Working in the world without an aim or purpose may lead you to become lost as in a dark forest.

A fixed aim and then a well considered plan to achieve it, is the key to success.

Some people think that the aim of education is merely to give knowledge.

What is the difference between an aim and objective?

My aim is to become an engineer.

Everyone of us must have an aim in his life.

A life without an aim is useless.

An aim magnetises your personality.

He has started a school with the aim of providing education to the deaf and dumb.

His lifetime aim was to use his sense of humor and become famous.

My aim is to become a doctor.

What is your aim in life?

What is the aim of your life ?

Bread and butter is not the sole aim of life.

The real aim of education is the formation of character.

They differ in their approach but their aim is the same.

He has no aim in life.

The sole aim of his life is to earn money.

My aim is to become a teacher.

All-round development of man is the true aim of education.

Our aim is passing the examination.

What is your main aim in life ?

What is the aim of your life?

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