ailments in a sentence

Physical fitness and freedom from all kinds of ailments are the desire and ambition of every human beings.

Good health means that the body is free from all ailments.

The doctors failed to diagnose his ailments.

Anaemia is among the most common ailments affecting human beings.

The increase in tension has led to a spurt in the incidence of troubles like high blood-pressure and ailments of the heart.

With the invention of X-Ray machine, the doctors can take the photographs of the internal parts of the human body and can cure a patient of his ailments easily.

Air pollution responsible for respiratory ailments.

Games help us in keeping away ailments.

We held a medical camp for skin ailments in this city last month.

What are major ailments that we need to focus on in India?

A lot of attention needs to be paid to heart ailments.

Most of the ailments are caused due to bad food habits.

Many of us are suffering from heart ailments due to bad food habits.

Yoga is the befitting remedy for all ailments.

Some changes in lifestyle can help prevent heart ailments.

Ayurveda has cure for psychological and mental ailments.

He is suffering from imaginary ailments.

Sports cure specific physical ailments.

Intemperance in diet brings on many ailments.

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